Design & Development Solutions

Mictel Solutions leads the development / design industry by providing and upholding true commitment to development innovations, customer communications and guaranteed service. The belief that customer satisfaction and trust are the key factors to our success makes MS the premier client/server, web, e-commerce and media design choice for consumers and businesses.

Web Programming Solutions

It has become extremely common to use 'scripts' and web applications to enhance your website, making it more interactive and professional looking.

At Mictel Solutions, we offer a host of affordable customized web programming packages, tailored to suit your precise requirements. No matter how small or big your project is, from a small mortgage calculator to a full blown E-commerce site, Mictel Solutions can live up to the challenge.

We have years of experience and expertise in PHP, ASP, ASP.NET etc. to meet any kind of client requirements. We offer consulting services that assist your company's web application project from inception to live production.

CMS (Content Management System) focuses on oft neglected areas like the coherence level of the site, the speed of uploading , minimum web server bandwidth utilization , interactive features that have been seamlessly integrated into the whole, simplified and uncomplicated navigation , a syndicating of content and more fundamentally, the importance of website aesthetics.

Virtually each of the applications and scripts that we develop, comes with an admin control panel of that allows you to log in securely and administer the users, content or other aspects of the application.

Web Application Development PHP Programming
Complete solutions developed from scratch.

Going through ‘Complete Project Lifecycle'.

Process-oriented approach with core focus on the target Solution.

Continuous interaction with the client.

Economically viable solutions.
Widely used open-source, general-purpose scripting language.

Supports multiple platforms and technology.

A popular choice for creating dynamic web pages.

A large number of satisfied clients of our PHP programming service.
ASP Programming ASP.NET Programming
Server-side Scripting Technology, primarily used on Windows servers.

Simple, low cost solutions.

Support for VBScript, JScript, PERL etc.

A lot of third party components available.

Flexible, fast deployable solutions.

Secure, Scalable and Customizable.

Growing user base on an enormous scale.

Mictel Solutions has successfully implemented a number of projects in ASP.NET

Client Server Development

Mictel Solutions develops software for the Microsoft Windows 32-bit architecture, including Windows Vista. This includes your typical desktop-icon application, client-server application, and background-running service. We also develop software for the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook.

We can build virtually any software according to your specifications and requirements. Likewise, we can evaluate your needs and propose a software solution in accordance with your budget and needs.

Also Mictel Solutions develops software for the Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Windows SmartPhone operating systems.

Custom mobile applications can be written to work and synchronize with other desktop or web applications.

Advantages of client/server applications

  • Based on network management, and not vertical management
  • Client/Server Applications also eliminate costly Web cross-platform compatibility issues.
  • More customer focused
  • Faster development as programmers can create those applications faster and cheaper using multiple window widgets such as trees, menus, and tabs, all of which have poor support under HTML.
  • Gives vendor independence
  • More integrated & built in sync with business requirements
  • Offers multiple access to multiple teams
  • Easy access to information across locations, offices, etc

Microsoft SharePoint Development

The SharePoint suite of products and services is Microsoft's solution to the needs of large businesses to facilitate collaboration between teams and individuals on the creation of web content. Implementing SharePoint for your enterprise can be a tough endeavour. Mictel Solutions has experienced programmers and product managers that will help design and implement the perfect Microsoft SharePoint configuration for your medium or large business.

Business Process Workflow Automation

At Mictel Solutions, we know that business processes are unique to each company and often complicated. Who better to teach us the ins and outs of their company's business process than our clients themselves? We strive to spend time with each of our clients to make sure we fully understand how their business works for each web development project. This enables us to tailor business process automations to meet each company's individual needs. Business process automations through Mictel Solutions can help your company eliminate the never-ending piles of paperwork, increase productivity, and provide your company with a single space to access information whenever needed.

Design Solutions

Are you in need of some effective marketing that will bring you the results you desire? Well then you have landed on the right site. Mictel Solutions specializes in designing custom marketing materials that both look professional in appearance and prove effective in its goal. From web design to print marketing, we do it all.

  • Corporate Design
  • Advertising Design and Concepts
  • Website Design
  • Print Design
  • Packaging
  • Signage