Mictel solutions is the new emerging Global IT and e-solution company, specialized in providing comprehensive e-solutions and experiences that address the evolving needs of local, regional and global institutional and corporate clients. Mictel Solutions is dedicated to efficient production, client satisfaction and cost minimization. Mictel Solutions is the intelligent choice for companies looking to expand their businesses to the Internet, assist applying the latest technology that’s powerful, expandable, affordable, and easy-to-use. Our outstanding customer care service is the final value-added touch that our clients expect and deserve. Mictel Solutions offers three major IT sectors: infrastructure, development and networking.

We believe that our highest priority as a company is to build mutually successful relationships with our customers, based on our understanding of their needs and a commitment to satisfying them.

The following mission goals are meant to briefly describe many of our core values.

  • To be the very best technology and services firm we can each and every day.
  • To act professionally with our clients, partners, employees, industry and community.
  • To always be honest, fair, just and consistent in our decisions and actions.
  • To trust in our clients, partners and ourselves while striving to enhance their trust.
  • To satisfy each of our clients to the best of our ability during each aspect of service.
  • To attract new clients through new promotions while striving to retain existing clients.
  • To always communicate effectively and work with clients to ensure understanding.
  • To respect those around us and to operate with an open-mind so we can all learn.
  • To embrace new technology and value others who are eager to explore or question.
  • To always attempt to go the extra mile in what we do and for what we believe in.
  • To enjoy doing what we do and strive to maintain a fun, relaxed work environment.