Streamline your Communications

Mictel Solutions can offer fully bespoke UC solutions which will utilise any existing solutions an organisation may have. By bringing all this technology together, UC can enable users to:

  • See presence information for co workers, team members and external contacts
  • Communicate with users in separate locations or businesses at zero cost
  • Utilise Instant Messaging to ascertain answers to minor details and quick queries
  • Escalate IM to voice, video and even application / desktop sharing if required

This is an example of "personal productivity" enhancements that tend to benefit the individual user. Organisations can often achieve even greater impact by using UC capabilities to transform business processes. Mictel Solutions utilise the capabilities of existing products such as PBX's either TDM or VOIP, Cisco UC products, Lifesize High Definition Video Conferencing & Microsoft Office Communications Server to deliver a full UC solution which fits the current business model.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 can integrate with almost any existing PBX, resulting in a UC platform to build on without the requirement to replace the existing PBX.

OCS offer's;

  • Presence
  • Instant Messaging
  • Unified Messaging,
  • Video Conferencing,
  • Group Chat
  • Mobility
  • Applciation & Desktop Sharing

Using standard SIP protocol's, OCS is able to integrate with the majority of existing IP based PBX's, Video Conferencing solutions and pretty much any product which uses SIP protocol's.